Tim Stillwell

Apprentice Candidate 2013
Tim is an ambitious, hardworking, gregarious entrepreneurial graduate, who has founded his own company. He graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2011 with a First Class Honours degree in International Business. Although still young, he has a proven track record in the companies he has started. He has experience in all aspects of running a small business including problem solving, managing events and marketing.


Instead of looking for a job in his final year of university like most of his peers, he set up ‘Burrito Kitchen’. The Burrito Kitchen was first launched in a mobile catering trailer situated on the University of Birmingham campus serving fast, fresh, healthy burritos to students and staff. However, this was not an easy business to start; he was waking up at 4am to start food preparation and finishing around 8pm. After these 16-hour days he would retire to his room to begin studying. Although this was a risky strategy and certainly not the easiest career path, the business traded extremely well. The business continues to do well and now employees a team of 14. The Burrito Kitchen has recently been incorporated and has just announced its next location inside Eat Central at Westfield Merry Hill.


A keen advocate of enterprise, Tim frequently speaks at business start-up events and has recently begun running training courses to encourage young people to explore entrepreneurship as a viable career path.


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